Attributor Module

Attributor - View and Set File and Folder Attributes and File-Times on Multiple Items at The Same Time.

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This section discusses the Attributor module. Section contents:
- Using the Attributor Module

Introduction to the Attributor module

The Attributor module is used to view and set generic attributes and file-times (filetimes) of multiple files and folders simultaneously. The generic attributes of files and folders are their properties; such as the visibility (hidden or non-hidden) attribute, write permission, various dates and times etc. Some attributes are dependent on the underlying file system as well as on the particular file or folder, and thus not all attributes are always adjustable. For example, files or folder may be compressed on the drive by the file system only if the file system permits it (note this compression is done by the file system internally and is not related to compression performed by applications such as Act On File). Some of the properties which are handled by the attributor module are also accessible through the File Properties dialog in Windows Explorer.

The Attributor module functionalities

View Attributes - view and compare file and folder attributes and file-times
Set Attributes - set or adjust file and folder attributes and file-times