Locator Module

Locator - Navigate to Files and Folders, Find Documents and Files, Administer File and Folder Locations.

Act On File Windows Compatibility Seals

This section discusses the Locator module. Section contents:
- Using the Locator Module

Introduction to the Locator module

The Locator module is used to easily locate files and folders. It consists of several diverse functionalities related to the location of files and folders.

The Locator module functionalities

Find Files and Folders - find files and folders using Act On File’s powerful desktop search engine
Navigate to Target - quickly navigate to a previously appointed file or folder from any location
Add and Edit Targets
(window, part from the Navigate to Target functionality)
- add targets to the Navigate to Target collection of fast navigation targets
Open Command Prompt - open a Command Prompt or PowerShell window at folder in Windows Explorer
Copy Selection Addresses - copy the addresses (paths) of the selected items
Copy Target Addresses - copy the addresses (paths) of the targets of the selected items (shortcuts are dereferenced)