Decompress Archives - Decompress One or More archives With a Single Action.

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This section discusses the Decompress Archives functionality of the Compressor module.
The Decompress Archives functionality decompresses one or more archives with a single action without explicitly opening the archive(s). After one selects the archives that they want to decompress (expand) in Windows Explorer, they simply invoke the Decompress Archives functionality from the Act On File context menu. If required, they may make changes to the settings, but depending on the use of the functionality this may not be required. After any adjustments are made to the selected archives and properties, one simply clicks the OK button and waits for the process to complete its work. The Decompress Archives functionality allows the user to expand archives with just one click.
Capture: Decompress Archives
Decompress Archives


To decompress archives, you need to select the archives to be decompressed by placing them into the selected items control of the Decompress Archives functionality. Enter the decompression path if it is not entered (e.g. it could have been selected during the invocation of the functionality). If there is more than one selected archive, you can request that each archive be extracted into its own folder and given the same name as the archive. Adjust any other required settings and click OK to start the process of decompression. The internal directory structure of the archive(s) is preserved in the decompressed folder(s).


Selection Controls
Decompress Archives Selection Controls
These controls are used to select and display the archives for the operation. In addition to the Add Archives and Remove buttons, you can use the standard clipboard, drag and drop, and keyboard operations.
Destination Controls
Decompress Archives Destination Controls
These controls are used to control the destination location where the archive(s) are to be extracted.
Extract To [Path]Select the folder in which the archives are to be extracted.
Append Archive Name To Extraction PathSet this checkbox to request the module to extract each archive into its own folder, which is to be given same name as the archive.
Further Actions Controls
Decompress Archives Further Actions Controls
These controls are used to help to automate some common activities after the process is successfully completed.
Delete Source ArchivesSet this checkbox to request the module to send the source archives to the Recycle Bin after successful decompression. Archives will not be deleted if there is an error during the decompression process and the process is cancelled.
Confirm Delete [Source Archives]Set this checkbox to confirm the request to delete the source archives after a successful decompression process.
Window Controls
Decompress Archives Window Controls
These controls have generic meanings.
On TopSets and clears the Always On Top flag on the window. This checkbox adds or removes the window from the group of Top-most windows.
OKCommits to work and decompresses the selected archive(s).
CancelCloses the window without doing any work. The last selected properties are stored.