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Act On File TV - Watch News, Seminars, Tutorials, Entertainment And More In The Way You Want Them.

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This section discusses the Act On File TV module. Section contents:
- Using the Act On File TV Module

The Infovision Principles

The world of television is currently constructed in such a way that things are classified through channels. Most channels are dedicated to a topic (e.g. category), whereas some have no specific topic at all and broadcast on many subjects. People tune into the channel of their choice and watch. The program director controlling the channel chooses what people are allowed to watch, meaning that the only choice that people have is to watch or not. People generally choose to watch and are not too judgmental about small inconveniences or disagreements with the content broadcasted on their favorite channel. This gives exceptional power to the channel directors, who are able to make small gradual changes which people eventually accept to be the norm. Such changes have subtly molded and changed the beliefs of many people (indeed, some may say of society as a whole) over time. If we compare a program from 1962 or earlier to a program from 2012, we will see a tremendous degeneration in the quality. The issue is that there is only the illusion of choice, indeed the fact is that most channels are owned by a handful of monopolies.

Act On File TV aims to change that paradigm by giving true freedom to people to choose. The principle idea of the Infovision (Act On File TV) is to stimulate or complement the way in which people think. Infovision presents a Generic Information Model in which every program/video is classified and has attached categories, subcategories, sub-subcategories, and category relationships. The viewer (person) is presented with a visual structure of the categories and all of their subcategories for all available programs/videos. The user chooses a category and subcategory of interest and the IV lists all programs/videos that are registered under this classification. When the viewer watches a programs/video from the selected category, they might have questions and may choose to watch more programs from the same classification or try to find answers to their questions in the related categories. Since the related categories are present and visible, the viewer can easily follow them and find programs answering their question and helping them to follow their own thought process. In addition to the content categories, each video also has some natural properties which allow it to be further classified. For example: by author, provider, date, etc.

Infovision aims to help by providing a service where users are given the tools to explore information efficiently in their own way.

Watch News, Tutorials, Seminars and Entertainment on the Infovision (Act On File TV).

The Act On File TV module

Currently, the Generic Information Model is restricted to two levels of category relationships. In the next releases of the software, we will increase the level of depth. The Act On File TV window has there panes:
  • Player - where the videos are played;
  • Category View - where categories and subcategories of the available titles (program/videos) are listed. The Category View is restricted to text labels ordered in a tree structure. As we increase the depth of classification we will also appropriately change this view.
  • Selection View - where all videos from the selected Category + Subcategory are listed.
There are three predefined categories: Today, Yesterday and Media Source, which are populated outside of the generic classification schema.
Capture: Act On File TV - Infovision
Act On File TV
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