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The EALIS Project

For Internet Freedom! ELIAS can help you take control of your online searches and data! Regain Internet Freedom!

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Fine Art App

Fine Art App Enjoy art with Fine Art App at any time, and view your photos too.

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Information Presenter

Your Custom Icon Connect with your public and remain connected, display, teach, advertise, and a lot more.

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Act On File

Act On File Icon Act On File is an all-in-one software solution for work with files, folders and drives.

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Audio Control

Audio Control Icon Audio Control is a software utility replacement for the standard Windows Volume Control.

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Photo Window

Photo Window Icon Photo Window displays your favorite photos in unused areas of your computer screen.

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Open Source Software

Atomic Memory Model

Atomic Memory Model Icon The Atomic Memory Model is a methodology for memory handling in a consistent and elegant way.

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Object Contextualization Model

Object Contextualization Model Icon The Object Contextualization Model advances the Object Oriented Paradigm by appending context to objects.

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Proper Numbers Library

Proper Numbers Library Icon The Proper Numbers Library represents arbitrarily large integer and arbitrarily precise rational numbers.

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VAT Registration Number Validator

VAT Registration Number Validator Icon The VAT Registration Number Validator is a software for automated verification of VAT numbers.

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Metal Detector

The metal detector is in the works.

The ELIAS Project
Fine Art App
Information Presenter
Act On File
Audio Control
Photo Window
Information Presenter
for Museums and Art galleries
for Schools and Universities
for Resorts, Hotels and Cruises
for Parks of any kind
for Corporations
for any business
Encryption and Authentication
Safe Online Communication
Website Testimonials
Learn how to store private keys
Make The Most From Your Files
Convenient Volume Control
Photo Window - an Awesome Gift
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