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An elegant app displaying your favorite photos in your chosen area of the screen whilst you are working with other software.

Photo Window is a slideshow that displays pictures in a user-selected area of the screen. Photo Window is always viewable on top of all the other windows on the screen, allowing the user to glance at the pictures while working with other software. The displayed images are preselected from local media (e.g., the hard drive, memory card, etc.) or downloaded from several Internet galleries. Photo Window can be fully opaque or semitransparent. It hides the current slide when the cursor hovers over it and displays it again when the mouse is moved away from the slideshow area. This allows the user to see the content of the window behind the Photo Window slideshow and work with it without repositioning either of them.
Photo Window can be resized from 1 to 999 pixels and placed anywhere on the desktop.
35 pixel side length 220 pixel side length
The Photo Window slideshow with 35 pixel side length
120 pixel side length
The Photo Window slideshow with 120 pixel side length
The Photo Window slideshow with 220 pixel side length
Photo Window can behave as a normal window, or it can be viewable on top of other windows on the screen, optionally fading when the cursor hovers over it. This allows the user to glance at the displayed slide while working with other software, and at the same time see and interact with the window behind it. Photo Window never interrupts the user and their work!
100% opaque Photo Window (300 pixel side length) Photo Window becoming 100% transparent under the mouse
The Photo Window slideshow 100% opaque The Photo Window slideshow in the process of becoming 100% transparent under the mouse
Photo Window can be positioned at any location on the screen by dragging it with the mouse. Use the menu of the software to control it.
The Photo Window menu is accessed using the Photo Window icon in the System Notification Area The Photo Window menu called via the slideshow
The Photo Window menu from the System Notification Area The Photo Window context menu
Photo Window will display your favorite photos from your computer or an Internet image gallery to bring you relaxation and pleasant feelings while you work with other programs on your computer. Use the Viewer to open the current slide for viewing. If the slide is an image, the Viewer will allow you to perform mega zooming-in on it, if the slide contains video, the Viewer will allow you to play it, and if the slide contains a document, the Viewer will display it for reading.

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You've done an awesome job on a seemingly unnecessary product... I mean that as a compliment. Generally, something like this doesn't get a lot of attention and you've done a very nice job of it. If I might suggest; I have found it most amazing how well this works (actually MyLovely that I was working with) when you load it with flash cards and keep it on top. Even if you don't pay attention to the flash cards, the information sticks in your head. Thank you for an awesome product.

Photo Window is Exactly what I've been searching for. A mini slideshow app where I can look at recently taken pics while working on other projects. Thanks! Great job!!!
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