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Better Internet Project - Entity Layer Internet Architecture and Services (ELIAS)

ELIAS can help you regain your Internet FREEDOM, take control of your online searches and data, earn, and much more!


By now, most Internet users realize that oligarchs have usurped the Internet. The likes of Google, Facebook, and Twitter come to mind first. These companies provide centralized services at the application level of the Internet. However, the centralization of distributed by nature services such as search, social, and many others leads to substantial socio-economic and environmental losses. Here are only a few of the problems that centralized search engines impose.
  • Bias
  • Censorship
  • Incorrectness
  • Content exploitation
  • Market manipulation and skewing
  • Inefficiency
The paper below contain details on the enormous socio-economic losses caused by centralized online services, including search engines. Our analysis shows that the root of the problem is in the undue centralization of natively distributed services. The Entity Layer Internet Architecture and Services (ELIAS) provides an effective solution and enables a smooth and gradual transition to a much better Internet.

Entity Layer Internet Architecture and Services (ELIAS)

  1. ELIAS can help people regain their Internet FREEDOM.
  2. ELIAS enables everyone to keep their data and its processing. There are no central authorities such as Google, Facebook, or Twitter.
  3. ELIAS can help people to get better search results, preserve their information, and use the Internet far more efficiently.
  4. ELIAS makes Google, Facebook, Twitter, and the like mostly obsolete.
  5. ELIAS software will be FREE to everyone and super easy to use.

The Entity Layer Internet Architecture and Services are explained in detail in the white paper below.
Entity Layer Internet Architecture and Services (ELIAS) white paper

Making ELIAS Become a Reality

Intent:The project aims to give people a way to use the Internet more efficiently in every aspect, regain their Internet Freedom, and make it better in general.
Method:Create free ELIAS software that people can take away and use in place of the enslaving centralized services.
Plan of Work
  • Create a framework as described in the Entity Layer Internet Architecture and Services, enabling users to use it with only a few clicks.
  • Create implementations of the services described in the Entity Layer Internet Architecture, such as Search, Societal, etc., which people can take and use.
  • All software created within this project will be open source and FREE.
  • The created software, documentation, and help will be made available on this website, on the project's public repository at GitHub, and partnering sites.
How can you help?
  1. If you can, please support the project by donation. Contact us if you wish to donate towards the creation of the ELIAS Internet FREEDOM project. Your contribution is most welcome and appreciated.
  2. Buy a subscription or spread the word about the Information Presenter.
    - the Information Presenter is a multifunction software for museums (try a sample), schools (see a presentation), parks, and virtually every organization with an audience.
    - if your organization and audience can benefit from the Information Presenter, then by purchasing a subscription, you will help the EALIS project directly.
    - tell your friends and associates about the Information Presenter software if you think that they could benefit from it.
  3. Share on social websites
  4. Write code - this will become available when we lay out the foundation of the code. Please come back soon or visit the project repository on GitHub.
Project Status and History
  • November 30, 2020
    • Entity Layer Internet Architecture and Services - ELIAS - rev. 10 update.
  • November 29, 2020
    • INDIEGOGO crowd funding campaign launched.
  • November 24, 2020
    • Entity Layer Internet Architecture and Services - ELIAS - rev. 9 update.
  • November 22, 2020
    • Entity Layer Internet Architecture and Services - ELIAS - rev. 8 update.
  • November 20, 2020
    • Entity Layer Internet Architecture and Services - ELIAS - rev. 7 completed.
    • Establish the project scope.
    • Establish the project webpage.
    (The Information Presenter was completed shortly before then.)
  • March 2017 - a solution emerged. However, at the time, I worked on the Information Presenter software. I decided to complete it first and use it to finance the Entity Layer Internet Architecture and Services. Nevertheless, in August - September 2017, I wrote the first release of the "Entity Layer Internet Architecture and Services" under the name of "M3B Internet Architecture".
  • 2010 - 2017 - thinking/working on a solution on the back burner. It was clear that the Internet is going in the wrong way. It was clear that Facebook and Twitter are created improperly. However, it was not obvious how to approach the search and the spamless email problems, with various attempts for solutions.
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