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Act On File 2012 is an all-in-one all-encompassing software for data processing.

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Act On File is a fast, efficient and easy to use, all-in-one software solution for work with files and folders. Act On File consists of ten modules which perform a variety of tasks on the selected files and folders, such as data compression, authentication, encryption, finding, comparing, erasing etc. Furthermore, it also helps to protect the user and their data from multiple threats, such as information theft and data loss.

Each module of Act On File performs particular types of data manipulation or conversion. Typically, they implement several functionalities which are the actions performed by the module. For example, the Cryptor module (used to encrypt and decrypt data) has two functionalities: Encrypt Files and Decrypt Files. Each functionality is represented by its own specialized window.

The easiest way to perform a task on files and folders is to select them in Windows Explorer and invoke the functionality which performs the required task using the Windows Explorer context menu. Once the functionality is launched, it may be necessary to adjust any applicable settings. Finish the work by commencing the module to perform its operation. Act On File 2012 includes:
The Attributor module icon Attributor - View and set file and folder attributes and file-times. Act on multiple items at the same time!
Authenticator - Sign and hash files, and verify digital signatures. Generate keys. Be safe online. Make your website trusted!
Comparator - Compare files, folders and file properties. Find different or duplicated files fast!
Compressor - The ultimate Zip Archiver - do everything with archives. Work with multiple archives simultaneously!
Cryptor - Encrypt and decrypt files. Generate keys. Protect your private information from theft or becoming public!
Eraser - Truly destroy files, temporary and unknown files, file scraps, and the data of whole drives. A true data eraser!
Locator - Ultra-fast navigation to files and folders. Ultra-powerful desktop search engine!
Protector - Create and restore backups. Seamlessly protect your data locally and online!
Quantifier - Join and split files. Extract Data From Files. No more files being too small, too many or too large!
Act On File TV - Watch the news, seminars, tutorials and entertainment. Act On File TV brings information the way you want it!
An all-encompassing data tool, Act On File is both powerful and easy to use. It offers a wide range of functionalities designed to increase work productivity and keep your data secure and protected. Utilize Act On File's advanced authenticating and encrypting capabilities to increase the level of trust in your website and online businesses, whilst importantly proving your website testimonials are authentic and true.
  • Try Act On File FREE for 30 days.
  • Unconditional 100% Money Back Guarantee for another 30 days with every purchased license - No Questions Asked!
  • We also offer flexible subscription license models.
  • 50% student discount! - Please request your discount at the Store ordering form.
  • 20% discount for teachers and academic staff! - Please request your discount at the Store ordering form.
  • 20% discount for educational institutions and nonprofit organizations! - Please request your discount at the Store ordering form.
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