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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here is a list of some of the most commonly asked questions. If you don't find the answer to your question, please contact us by submitting a question or a ticket. Alternatively, check the Support Forum, below, to see if your query has already been answered there.
1.Q. [Company] What is MBBSoftware?
 A. MBBSoftware is privately owned software manufacturing company. We design and build our software scientifically using the latest knowledge in Computer Science and Mathematics.
2.Q. [Company] Are you VAT registered?
 A. Yes we are VAT registered and we generate a VAT invoice for your purchases from us. We email your VAT invoice with your order confirmation email. Your VAT invoice is also available at your My MBBSoftware -> My Orders area.
3.Q. [Company] How can I get copies of VAT invoices?
 A. We email the invoice to you when you purchase the software with the purchase confirmation email. In addition, you can download all your invoices from your My MBBSoftware -> My Orders area where each invoice is available under the respective order. For recurring orders, subscriptions are all listed under the original order.
4.Q. [Company] Can I be sure that my email and other details will be safe with you?
 A. We guarantee that we will never share your details (including sell, lease, or otherwise), except if we are required by law to share them with the appropriate authorities. Your email address and any other details which you enter on are safe with us.
5.Q. [License] Why do I need to have an account to buy a license?
 A. You need to have an account in order to make any necessary amendments to your license, such as reissuing it or deactivating it. These actions are designed to be performed in your “My MBBSoftware” area so you can have remote access to your license. This is important because it means that if you cannot access Act On File on the computer(s) on which it is activated (due to a system failure or any other reason), you can reissue your license to another system. It also means you can regain control of your license should it become compromised or known to an unauthorized party.
6.Q. [License] Is my license valid for upgrades and subsequent releases of the software?
 A. Yes, your license is valid for all service packs, upgrades and subsequent releases of the software version to which it is affiliated.
7.Q. [License] Is my license valid for any operating system?
 A. Yes, your license is valid for any supported operating system. Your license entitles you to use the software on the permitted number of machines regardless of their operating systems, which however must be supported so that the software can run on them.
8.Q. [License] I purchased a DVD with your software which included a license with it. Can I also create an account and have my license listed in it?
 A. Yes, you can do that and we encourage you to do is as soon as you receive your license. Simply create a FREE account if you already do not have one and use the “Claim License Ownership” controls to enter your license identifier and thus associate your license with your account. Once a license is associated with an account, it cannot be re-associated with another account. Thus we strongly encourage you to claim your license and associate it with your account as soon as you can.
9.Q. [License] How do I find out if I am eligible for a discounted license and how do I go about applying for one?
 A. You are eligible for a discount on Act On licenses File if you are one of the following:
  • A student.
  • A teacher.
  • A member of academic support staff.
  • Part of an educational establishment.
  • Part of a nonprofit organization.
Students are eligible for an 50% discount and teachers, academic support staff, educational establishments and nonprofit organizations are eligible for a discount of 20%.

To apply for a discount, click on the "Discount Request Form" when purchasing a license and follow the instructions.
10.Q. [License] I lost my license identifier, what can I do?
 A. Simply login to your account on the MBBSoftware website and navigate to your My MBBSoftware -> My Licenses area. All your licenses are listed there.
11.Q. [License] I used my license on my old PC, but I forgot to deactivate the license before I disposed of the computer. What can I do to activate the product on my new computer?
 A. Simply login to your account on the MBBSoftware website and navigate to your My MBBSoftware -> My Licenses area. Find the license associated with your old computer and deactivate the association using the confirmation checkbox and the deactivation button aligned to it. Then you can reuse the license on another machine.
12.Q. [License] Someone got hold of my license. What can I do?
 A. Simply login to your account on the MBBSoftware website and navigate to your My MBBSoftware -> My Licenses area. Find the license in the list of your licenses and use the confirmation checkbox and the reissue button aligned with the license to generate a new license identifier for it. The old license identified know to the third party is now invalid and you can use the new license identifier listed in its place to activate the software on your machines.
13.Q. [License] I’ve purchased a licence for Act On File but I don’t think it’s for me. Can I have a refund?
 A. If you buy a licence for Act On File and decide that it does not meet your needs, just let us know and we will give you your money back as long as you make the request within 30 days of purchase.
14.Q. [Software] Why are some controls not fully displayed?
 A. The text in dialog boxes (forms) in Windows has a typical size which is the 100% font size. Most windows in Act On File are dialogs and are sized to utilize the typical 100% size of the fonts used by Windows. When a user sets their font size to more than 100% in the Display Settings in the Control Panel, there may not be enough room in particular controls to display all the text and it may not be fully displayed. The larger the selected font is, the less text will be displayed. It is for this reason that we recommend not making the font size greater than 100%.
15.Q. [Act On File] What makes Act On File unique?
 A. Act On File is an affordable all-in-one software solution. Its modular structure is unique, and means that the functionalities look the same but carry out distinct tasks on data in a variety of ways. There is no "central" software in Act On File, unlike most pieces of software. Each module is separate and is of equal value to the others.
16.Q. [Act On File] Why does the Installer not have an option to start Act On File?
 A. Act On File has no special "most important" window, and for this reason also there is no "Start Act On File when finished" checkbox on the pages of the installer package.
17.Q. [Act On File] Why can’t I see my files and folders in Windows Explorer after I set their “Hidden” flag using the attributor module?
 A. Unless the “Show hidden files, folders and drives” in the View tab of the Folders Options control (located in the Control Panel) is selected, files, folders and drives that have their “Hidden” flags set are not displayed by Windows Explorer. To view the hidden files, folders and drives, you can either select the above radio button, or clear the “Hidden” flag of any file, folder and drive using the Attributor module. You can also do the latter using the property dialog of the parent folder.
18.Q. [Act On File] Why are there two comparator functionalities?
 A. The two comparator functionalities cover two possible types of data comparison. The Compare Files and Folders functionality compares both files and folders by one or more of their generic properties, such as content. The Compare File Properties functionality compares the intrinsic properties of files, for example the width of images.
19.Q. [Act On File] Why does Act On File not support the 7z, Rar, Zipx and LHA formats?
 A. This is the first release of Act On File so we implemented the most popular and widely-used archiving formats. We are planning to add support for the above file formats, as well as for others. Please note that some formats are proprietary property, such as the RAR format, and the available license may permit only decompressing archives from that format.
20.Q. [Act On File] Can I be 100% certain that truly deleted files cannot be recovered?
 A. True Deleted files are irrecoverable to the best knowledge and technology that currently exists. There is a degree of certainty in this statement, dependent on the number of overwrite loops performed by the module while destroying the data. The larger number of overwrite loops the higher the certainty. For typical, software recovery attempts, one overwrite loop is sufficient to ensure that the information cannot be recovered with absolute certainty. For possible physical attempts to recover the data there may be need to apply True Delete with more than one overwrite loop.
21.Q. [Act On File] Why is there a "Find Files and Folders" functionality if Windows can already search files and folders?
 A. Windows Explorer allows for simple straight forward searches, such as by filename, file-type, date and size, using a rigid all-inclusive query. On the other hand, the “Find Files and Folders” functionality of Act On File gives absolute, full control over the search properties. For example one may search for an image with particular dimensions. The "Find Files and Folders" module is far more flexible than the Windows search function, and allows the user to browse using a greater range of search parameters.
22.Q. [Act On File] Why does the Backup and Restore functionality from the Protector module start automatically when I start Windows, and after I install Act on File?
 A. The automatic Backup and Restore functionality starts unconditionally to make sure that the user’s data is always protected properly. When things operate smoothly, people tend to relax and fail to maintain proper backups. Because of this, it is a common characteristic of backup software to automatically run in the background. The Backup and Restore functionality runs automatically when Windows is started to ensure that designated backups will be appropriately maintained without the need for the user to remember to start the module. The Backup and Restore functionality requires very few system resources while running silently in the background.
23.Q. [Act On File] How can I remove '.encrypted' extension from files?
 A. The '.encrypted' extension indicates that the file is encrypted. To remove '.encrypted' extension simply decrypt the files using Act On File. The '.encrypted' extension is automatically removed an all decrypted files.
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