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Quantifier Module

Quantifier - Join and Split Files Using a Variety of Modes to Cover Every Possible Need.

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This section discusses the Quantifier module. Section contents:
- Using the Quantifier Module

Introduction to the Quantifier module

The Quantifier module is used to join, split and extract data from files. There are cases when for logistical or other reasons, files have to be joined together (possibly in a specific order) or split into smaller files. The Quantifier module offers two functionalities which make these two processes easy, while at the same time giving complete flexibility and power to the user.

A file is simply a linear record with a beginning, end and a name. Physically, files may be constituted from many linear records placed in different locations on the media. However, these discontinuities are filtered out by the file system and for the user and the user software files are simply long strings of numbers with an assigned name. To expand a file means to add more data at the end of it. To join two files means to expand one of the files and add the data of the second file behind the data of the expanded file, or alternatively create a new file and first copy the data from one of the files and after that copy the data of the second file. To split a file means to create adequate number of new files and copy the data from the original file into the new files starting from the beginning of the file and progressing byte by byte. To extract data from a file means to create a new file and copy the data that is to be extracted into the new file.

The Quantifier module functionalities

Join Files - joins two or more files and folders into a single file using a variety of features and modes
Split File - splits a file into many files using a variety of features and modes, or extracts data from a file
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